What is 74 the Jacket?

At 74 The Jacket, we are redefining luxury outerwear with a touch of nostalgia and a dash of street-style flair. Our women-owned company is on a mission to transform vintage military jackets into comfortable, one-of-a-kind fashion statements that tell a story layered with vintage fur collars and brooches that all come together to create a jacket like no other.

Each of our pieces is a work of art, meticulously crafted with a passion for history and an eye for high fashion. We source authentic vintage military jackets, each with its own unique history, and give them a second life. By layering them with a detachable vintage fur collar and adding elegant brooches, we create outerwear that’s as unique as you are.

At 74, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. By upcycling vintage military jackets & additional vintage pieces, we reduce waste and make a statement against fast fashion. You can wear our creations with pride, knowing that you’re making a sustainable choice without compromising on style.


How to buy the jacket

It’s simple! Visit our “SHOP THE COLLECTION” page to explore our latest collection of one-of-a-kind vintage jackets. If one catches your eye, seize the opportunity and purchase it instantly because they sell out quickly!

In the event that our collection is entirely sold out, don’t fret. Join our exclusive “list” to gain privileged access to our upcoming DROP or pop-up events before they’re made public. This ensures you’re among the first to view and acquire our latest releases.

Should you have your heart set on a specific jacket that’s unavailable, drop us an email at info@74thejacket. We’ll assist in finding a similar colorway for you. Keep in mind, that our jackets are all vintage, making each piece distinct. Additionally, we can offer you the chance to purchase before listing it on our site, ensuring you don’t miss out.

Feel free to contact us with any queries or concerns you may have. We’re here to assist you every step of the way in securing your perfect 74 Jacket!

Understanding Our “DROPS”

Discover our exclusive series of upcycled, handpicked vintage jackets, available on a first-come, first-served basis. These limited drops occur based on inventory availability, as each of the 74 jackets we curate is entirely vintage. Sourcing these pristine components takes considerable time, ensuring near-perfect conditions for every piece.

Each drop is a one-of-a-kind experience. Every collection we unveil is authenticated with our distinct hand-sewn label, elegantly placed on the bottom left of each jacket. Tailored color threads complement the uniqueness of each collection, adding a bespoke touch.

Stay connected with our community to be the first in line for these special releases. We keep you updated through Instagram, email, text messages, and our website, ensuring you never miss the chance to own a piece of timeless luxury.

About Debra

Debra Baum, the visionary behind the iconic “74” Jacket, embodies an eclectic journey that mirrors the uniqueness of her designs. With a background in communications, she mastered the art of creativity and communication in the corporate marketing world before following her entrepreneurial spirit. Debra founded Urbane Invitations, a luxury handcrafted invitation company, which flourished into Urbane Weddings, a Chicago boutique specializing in exquisite vintage jewelry and custom wedding accessories.

Though her family’s growth led to the bittersweet closure of her boutique, Debra’s passion for vintage jewelry persisted. She transitioned to online and trunk show sales before venturing into the hospitality industry, co-owning and designing boutique hotels in Chicago and Nashville. Her creative vision and attention to detail made these spaces memorable.

Despite the challenges brought by unforeseen circumstances like Covid and Nashville tornadoes, Debra pivoted courageously. This shift led her to her current role as a fashion and interior stylist for residential and commercial spaces. Her sharp sense of style inspired her to venture into creating street-style cool pieces by upcycling vintage military jackets, culminating in her latest masterpiece, the “74” Jacket. Each jacket, transformed with vintage fur collars and brooches, is a unique testament to her creative fashion expression, available in high-end boutiques and occasional pop-ups in boutiques across the country.